House and Senate leadership are committed to bring the legislature to a close by the end of this week. However, there are still several critical issues to be addressed. In today’s podcast, I share my thoughts on the pathway to adjournment, conservatism and legislative integrity.

There are those that are trying to paint a picture of corruption and dysfunction in the legislature. Today, I share my perspective on the shenanigans in this legislative session.

I am a proud co-sponsor on the bill repealing the sales tax on groceries, with some caveats though. What is the current state of decorum and relationships in the legislature? And she takes a point of personal privilege to discuss the good in life despite its challenges.

Can a person receive and accept new information without compromising their values? I talk about that, the nature of leadership and the unfortunate evolution of the cosmetology bill in my podcast today.

What motivates a person to serve in the Idaho Legislature? Let me share my reasons why I’m here.
“I’d rather negotiate than legislate.” – Representative Kelley Packer

The Idaho Legislature is one of the most conservative in America, yet legislators bring 700-800 ideas for new laws every year. Why are there so many and how do we filter through them all.

Week 4: Rep Kelley Packer – 2017 Idaho Legislative Report

February 6, 2017

Are tax cuts good or bad? And how about legislative rules and House decorum? Are they arbitrary? Let me explain how they really work… beyond the news soundbite.

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Week 3: Rep Kelley Packer – 2017 Idaho Legislative Report

January 30, 2017

Should our legislators be full time? The rationale behind my sign language legislation and the review of a proposed rule that would have a significant impact on the trucking industry.

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Week 2: Rep Kelley Packer – 2017 Idaho Legislative Report

January 24, 2017

This week I discuss how a bill becomes a law, share an update on dispatcher licensure, clarify the Unspam legislation and share my personal ethics.

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Week 1: Rep Kelley Packer – 2017 Idaho Legislative Report

January 16, 2017

Week 1 of the 64th Idaho Legislature is in the books. I discuss the tumultuous first 5 days, UnSpam legislation, and tax cuts during the Great Recession vs. responsible funding of services.

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