This primary election presents the voters of District 28 with a stark contrast in the type of representation they can have in Boise. Over the last two sessions, we as your legislature have had to make some very difficult decisions that were highly controversial. In that time, I have gained a wealth of knowledge of how complex and difficult the issues are in Idaho. I have found that the effective way to govern as a legislator is to let my own principles guide me and to always act in what I believe is the best interest of my constituents. My opponent, Lance Earl, would take a very different approach to legislating than I have over the last two years.
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By Dakota Bates, ISU College Republican President

“Compromise is not in my nature.” —Lance Earl

This simple statement which can be clearly found on Mr. Earl’s website, in my mind, thoroughly disqualifies Mr. Earl as a qualified candidate for elected office. If this statement is sincere and true, then Mr. Earl lacks one of the most basic characteristics required to be an elected official. Unless Mr. Earl discovers the technology required to clone himself and then manages to fill every elected position in the legislature and become governor at the same time, he would learn quickly that compromise is how democracy works.
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I am pleased to announce the endorsement of the Idaho Associated General Contractors. On April 1st the IAGC publicly released candidate endorsements and encourage all member firms to remind their employees how important it is to vote on May 20th in the primary election. Here is their complete list of 2014 endorsements.

Dear Voters of the Twenty-eighth District,

As you may know Kelley Packer is a member of the Idaho State House of Representatives representing you district (District 28). I am a member of the Idaho State House of Representatives from District31 – Bingham County in Eastern Idaho. Kelley and I were both “freshman” legislators and interacted on a number of important issues with lasting impact to our state. I write this letter with that as a background and substantiation for the person opinions I am expressing.
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It has been my great honor and privilege to represent the citizens of Legislative District 28 in Bannock and Power Counties for the past two years. As the 2014 Session of the Idaho Legislature moves forward and as the period to file for public office approaches, I am announcing my intention to seek a second term as a State Representative.
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Rep. Kelley Packer, R-McCammon, center, attended a gun rights rally at the Capitol building in Boise. To Packer’s left is Rep. Lance Clow, R-Twin Falls, to her right is Rep. Lawerence Denney, R-Midvale. Rep. Marc Gibbs, R-Grace also attended. (Dave Goins photo) Idaho State Journal 1/14/14

Keeping Idaho and U.S. from going over cliff

March 16, 2013

Earlier this month the Idaho House of Representatives voted to protect Idaho’s sovereignty and set up a state-based health insurance exchange. During debate on the bill, one representative told a story about a trip he and friends took using a train of mules and pack horses.

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Crackdown on TV ‘indecency’

March 15, 2013

NAMPA — Six Canyon County lawmakers spearheaded a request Thursday to rid television of portrayals of premarital sex, including people joking about sex, lying in bed together or undressing. The request in the form of a House Joint Memorial passed out of the House State Affairs Committee. Rep. Brent Crane, R-Nampa, a sponsor, said it […]

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Research of Exchange Facts

February 20, 2013

A friend and fellow Representative, Wendy Horman, has written the following lengthy explanation of the research that she and the 16 freshmen have undergone to make our decision regarding a non-profit, independent insurance exchange in Idaho.  I thought I’d share it here, to provide additional information for all of you. 

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A Sales Tax Exemption For Anti-Abortion Resource Clinics Passes The Idaho House

February 12, 2013

A bill that would give a sales tax exemption to pregnancy resource clinics that don’t offer abortion services has passed the House. In a 58-12 vote, Idaho lawmakers approved Rep. Kelley Packer’s (R-McCammon) proposal.

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